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Probis: Success Stories

Seven Continent Investment (7CI)

The Background

  • Seven Continent Investment, concentrates on territories which offer investors some of the best growth and income possible whilst maintaning investor security. It is imperative that capital growth is taken as a hyphothetical investment and not as set in stone. The countries we currently are dealing in are: Australia, Cyprus, Philippines, Cyprus, Germany, USA, Panama, Canada, UK, France, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai and Cape Verde. There are currently 14 people employed by 7CI and we are looking to expand to 20 staff by the end of the year.

  • They used a very basic CRM software before which allowed them to just really enter clients and retrieve data. It was imperative for them that when they went to a full fledged CRM solution it worked exactly as they wanted it to. "We test drove about 15 different systems and none of them came close to the benefits that Pro-bis could offer us."

The Solution

  • Probis was the only solution that had allowed them to show live availability to agents and developers. It also allowed them to implement a sophisticated tracking system by means of a checklist. Also allowing agents, clients and developers to log in and see where the sales process is in real time, allowing the whole team to see their targets against other team members whilst providing healthy competition in house.

  • Probis provided a hands on software management training and integrated their sales and admin data within the web enabled system.

The Result

  • Previous to probis, field consultants used to synchronise their database when in the office which wasn’t efficient as they would still have to call and check availability and access up to date information. The web access facility has massively increased productivity and sales from field consultants as they can reserve a unit whilst on site. Our agents also have been able to log in and reserve units allowing our partner development manager more time to generate new agents and increase sales.

  • Probis had shown an increased efficiency for 7CI. On average it has saved 1-2 hours of admin per day, 3-4 hours of client liason time and has increased sales efficiency through effective client tracking by 15%.

Seven Continent Investment Group of companies

Athena Business Development: uses Probis to target their leads, manage property stock and carry out their marketing campaigns.

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